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Cover art by Roger Czerneda

Clan Chronicles: Tales from Plexis


Nominated for two Prix Aurora Awards! Best Professional Artist, Roger Czerneda, for the cover art; Best Short Fiction, Julie Czerneda for "A Hold Full of Truffles"



Authors explore new corners of the Clan Chronicles universe in an anthology that brings readers into the lives of the alien inhabitants of one of the sci-fi series's most memorable locations
Welcome to one of the iconic settings of the Clan Chronicles: the infamous interstellar shopping extravaganza of the Trade Pact known as Plexis Supermarket! A market and meeting place, Plexis is where pirates rub shoulders with freighter crews, where the rich come to party and the out-of-luck chase that last opportunity, where anything can be bought or sold and only your airtag tells the truth. Most of the time.
Dock your starship, pay your parking fee, and enter. You'll never know what you'll find. Or who you'll meet. Because here, for the first time, Julie E. Czerneda has opened the airlocks to her fellow scribes and lovers of all things Trade Pact to produce this anthology of remarkable, all-original stories.
Learn the beginnings (and kitchen secrets) of the famed Claws & Jaws: Interspecies Cuisine. Solve mysteries. Slip through service tunnels or shop with goldtags!
Want the truth about Turrneds? The Neblokans? How Terk met his partner? More of Raj Plexis and Bowman? The way to Ansel's heart? Kurr di Sarc. Huido. Manouya. Those balloons.
Plexis awaits your pleasure.



  1. A Hold Full of Truffles by Julie E. Czerneda
    All Sira and Morgan want to do is deliver Huido’s truffles. But this is Plexis.
  2. The Stars Do Not Dream by Amanda Sun
    What’s a Turrned Missionary to do, when he’s the one who doesn’t fit in?
  3. Finding Parker by Doranna Durgin
    Returning lost items is their job, but in Plexis, what’s lost can be yourself.
  4. A Traded Secret by Donald R. Montgomery
    Plexis has her dark side. No one knows it better than Morrab.
  5. Anisoptera With a Side Order of Soft Blast by Fiona Patton
    Street kids with conscience, a corporate funeral parlour with none. Let the fun begin!
  6. Jilly by Paul Baughman
    On Plexis, your past will find you. It’s up to you what happens next.
  7. Chicken by Elizabeth Farley-Dawson
    ’Whix finds himself deep in an investigation and working with a Human named Russell Terk.
  8. An Elaborate Scheme by Marie Bilodeau
    Terk & ’Whix get their first assignments and there’s a twisty plot ahead.
  9. The Sacrifice of Pawns by Mark Ladouceur
    Kurr di Sarc arrives on Plexis to serve the Clan, only to discover he’s a target.
  10. Little Enigmatic Monster by Wayne Carey
    Some thing witnessed a murder outside the Claws & Jaws. It’s up to Bowman to follow the clues.
  11. A Thief by Any Other Name by Violette Malan
    Plexis is the ideal home for a con artist—until Scats get involved.
  12. Memory by Sally McLennan
    The Moradhi are famed for the perfection of their recall, but what happens when those memories mark you for death?
  13. Home is a Planet Away by Ika Koeck
    Abandoned on Plexis, a Tuli must find a way to save her only friend.
  14. Will of the Neblokan Fates by Natalie Reinelt
    Sira di Sarc wasn’t the only one chased through Auord’s alleys that fateful night.
  15. The Rainbow Collection by Nathan Azinger
    To thrive on Plexis takes a certain flexibility of approach.
  16. A Song of Plexis by Janet Elizabeth Chase
    Ansel meets a Tolian torch singer and their lives will be forever changed.
  17. Cinnamon Sticks by B. Morris Allen
    When you ooze your feelings, it’s hard to hide a broken heart.
  18. The Locksmith’s Dilemma by Rhondi Salsitz
    Some partnerships mean more than life itself.
  19. A Traitor’s Heart by Karina Sumner-Smith
    He gave her a name and trade. To survive, must she betray him--or herself?
  20. The Restaurant Trade by Chris Butler
    Huido’s search for that perfect recipe might just land him in jail.
  21. The End of Days by Tanya Huff
    It’s Constable Hutton’s last day on the job. Of course she gets a rookie and a murder.
  22. Good With Numbers by Heather LaVonne Jensen
    Huido’s redecorating. Only Ansel can save the Claws & Jaws from destruction!
  23. The Materials at Hand by Jessica McAdams
    A job, a family, and a future. On Plexis, it could be too much to ask.

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