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Winner! 2020 Aurora for Best Novel!

Standalone Fantasy from Daw Books

Winner of the 2020 Prix Aurora Award for Best Novel!
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There is only one school where mage scribes learn to write magic, in the only land with magic left in all the world, and the real question to be asked, that no one ever does?

Is why.


Available in hardcover, ebook, audiobook, and from the SFBC - Trade paperback edition coming September 29th 2020. Cover by Katie Anderson


"This book is magic. Beautifully written. Gripping. A rich, real world—and we’re right at the heart of things as it changes. And we learn the true price of magic. Magnificent. Oh, but this book is good! Grab it, take it home, and lose yourself in it!" —Ed Greenwood, award-winning creator of The Forgotten Realms


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Fantasy Series from DAW Books - Night's Edge


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Winner 2014 Aurora for Best Novel!

To see things as they are, wait for the turn of light.


By night, Marrowdell posted sentries. Massive toads lined the road. Their eyes were perfect disks of moonlight, like so many silver coins tossed in his path.
They weren’t toads. Or rather they were something else as well. Like the road, silvered by moonlight also had an amber hue, and the sky, which was mostly dark and star-filled but was also shot through with vivid colours for which he needed names. When he looked closely, the toads’ loose folds of skin became coats of fine mail and their warts, rich gems. No idle gauds, he judged those, but medals of some kind. Accomplished toads.

He hoped for their favorable opinion.


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Winner 2015 Aurora for Best Novel!

What would you risk for family?


The wind still rattled the shutters every so often. Maybe there was a limit to how much snow could fall in a night.

Or a winter.

He settled himself back in his chair by the bed, wrapped in a quilt. Lila’d been beset and surrounded, a situation she’d not tolerate. She’d made her first move, to put her children out of reach. What next?

Bannan pulled the quilt tighter, sinking his chin to his chest. Whatever she had in mind, his role was to be here, with Semyn and Werfol.

Whatever she had in mind, he’d hope no more blood would spill.

As well hope snow had limits.

Lila had none...


Read about the real world model for my "turtles."

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Special enovella from DAW Books

Return to Marrowdell... this special epublication from DAW Books. You don't need to read the previous books of Night's Edge to enjoy, but those who have? Prepare for house toads, truthseers, and an unusual Midwinter Beholding.

Lila Westietas brings her young sons, Semyn and Werfol, safely home to Vorkoun and their father.

Only to find Werfol may have brought something of the Verge with him, shaped like a dragon...

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