Julie Czerneda


If you’d like to meet me in person, check my Event list. I’m the friendly little Canuck often seen running down a hallway to her next panel at a convention. Not that I’m late, but I do enjoy meeting people, which tends to make me nearly late. I’m sure you understand.

If I’m not at a convention, you can find me online. I love hearing from readers and other writers. Email’s great, or you can send mail via my publisher, DAW Books. I do write back myself and I try to do that promptly.

Facebook - I have a personal page, a public Julie Czerneda Fan Page, and pages for my various series. Marrowdell for the fantasy. The Clan Chronicles and Species Imperative for the SF. And yes, soon there'll be a page for Esen. Still working on a name for that.Pick one or join the fun at all.

Goodreads - You can now find me here as well. I'm going to try and blog in there as regularly as I can. I'll certainly reply to questions.

Twitter - Yup. There too. @julieczerneda

Talk to you soon!


More about me? I love what I do. I encourage others to do what they love. I relish mornings and Mondays and learning anything new. I’m as optimistic and cheerful as I sound, since I firmly believe otherwise you get nothing done and can’t be happy. To quote a family member: ‘Julie’s the least scary person you’ll ever meet,’ which isn’t a bad thing to be, is it?

More? Goodness. I’m an ice hockey fan. Go Leafs! I still tuck fungi, shells, feathers and so forth in my coat pockets. I’m married to my best friend and love of my life and we have offspring who understand about the pockets. I carry more stories and questions and interests in my head than should fit and can’t fathom boredom. If I had my choice of things to do, I’d grab a paddle and head for the wild with Roger.

Where, might I add, there will be fungi, shells, feathers, and so forth. For my pockets. - Julie