Reunification #1- This Gulf of Time and Stars

  • Release date: November 3rd, 2015 from DAW Books
  • Hardcover and ebook editions. Pre-order yours now!
  • Featuring cover art by the amazing Matt Stawicki
The story picks up shortly after the events of To Trade the Stars...Sira and Morgan are on their starship, the Silver Fox. Huido is overseeing his restaurant, the Claws & Jaws (and his wives). All is well in the Trade Pact.


That's about to change.



Time to reread Stratification and the Trade Pact. If you don' t have the 10th Anniversary edition of A Thousand Words for Stranger you might like to read "Brothers Bound," the short story that introduces the Hoveny Concentrix. Click ~ HERE ~ for the pdf.



Advance Treats

  1. I'll read from GULF at events such as Ad Astra and Oasis. Check my Events page for one near you.
  2. COVER ART reveal at Ad Astra!
  3. We're making postcards and bookmarks--and yes, something special is in the works.
  4. I'm already at work on Book #2. Title will be released at Ad Astra as well.

This is going to be a ride! Welcome aboard.