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Updated September 2013


Handy Lists

J CzernedaSigning at Bakka-Phoenix Books

Here's me, being helpful in person. And here, on my website, I try to do the same.

After all, I sincerely hope you buy and read and reread my books. Hence these lists.
If you can think of any others you’d find useful, or find mistakes in these, please let me know.


Available Editions

Print: As of Sept 2013, all of my titles remain available in print form from their listed publishers.
Ebook: My DAW titles have been released as ebooks with publication of the print version.

Audiobooks: The Trade Pact and Webshifter books, as well as A Turn of Light have been produced by
Other editions: The Science Fiction Book Club has published a lovely hardcover version of all my novels, although not all remain in print.
Other languages: My first three novels have been translated into Russian by EKSMO.