Book Two of Night's Edge

A Play of Shadow



What would you risk for family?


The wind still rattled the shutters every so often. Maybe there was a limit to how much snow could fall in a night.

Or a winter.

He settled himself back in his chair by the bed, wrapped in a quilt. Lila’d been beset and surrounded, a situation she’d not tolerate. She’d made her first move, to put her children out of reach. What next?

Bannan pulled the quilt tighter, sinking his chin to his chest. Whatever she had in mind, his role was to be here, with Semyn and Werfol.

Whatever she had in mind, he’d hope no more blood would spill.

As well hope snow had limits.


Lila had none..


Mass Market Edition, Nov. 2015

WINNER Prix Aurora Award for Best Novel 2015!




What lurks in this scene:

The nyim at the turn, as well as Matt's depiction here, were inspired and informed by Abby Dominy's very cool research into terrapins. She's graciously given me permission to share what she sent me CLICK HERE, as well as these links:

Abstract of her paper.

Diamondback Terrapin Group

FB page for DTWG

Cover Art
Cover art by Matt Stawicki