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A Turn of Light

A Turn of Light

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The Gossamer Mage

The Gossamer Mage

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If you’re here, you’re like me.*

You're like me because you love stories of magic and imagination. You tingle at the mention of dragons. You rewatch Lord of the Rings or Stardust or Ladyhawke whenever you feel the need and your favourite novels are loved to pieces and never lent. Why? Because fantasy fills your heart and mind in a way no other storytelling can.

Which is why I've waited these many years before giving my own a try. I hope you enjoy the result as much as I’ve loved the writing -- and the maps and the models and the research ...

From my heart to yours. - Julie



* Or you’re curious what an SF writer with abundant credentials is doing with a fantasy section on her website. Fair enough. Whatever brought you through this door works for me. Please stay awhile.