The End!

My thanks to DAW Books for providing prizes, and to Mackenzie Filson for all of her behind-the-scenes work!
To my gracious blog hosts, you are the best!!!
And dear readers? Thank you. You gave me the chance to share how it feels to see this particular book, the finale to the Clan Chronicles, leave me.
It's yours now.

Enjoy the ride!



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1. What did Andrea do last year to make me so happy?

a. tweeted for weeks b. hosted a party for me c. agreed to another post d. said I was good

Thanks for That, my tribute to my Blog Hosts at Little Red Reviewer


2. I gave away a few "in-jokes" in this post about The Hair. In one, I revealed what few know.

a. Sira wore a wig. b. The Hair is sexy. c. The Hair has opinion. d. The Hair gathers lint.

Visiting Fantasy Book Cafe to talk about The Hair


3. How many typewriters are in my photo?

a. one b. two. c. three. d. what's a typewriter?

At Blackgate for The Evolution of Process: A Writerly Tale


4. In my comparison of science fiction and fantasy writing, I say fantasy reaches:

a. my imagination b. my conscience c. my heart d. all of the above.

Dear Bob, a Letter about SF And Fantasy for the host of Beauty in Ruins


5.When asked how I write about the death of a character, I replied it must be::

a. well-executed b. a surprise to readers c. a surprise to me d. significant

At Arched Doorway for: Behind the Scenes of the Clan Chronicles Take 1: Content


6. To keep track of details within a series, I've come to use:

a. a spiral notebook b. post-it notes and tabs c. an Excel spreadsheet d. file folders

Behind the Scenes of the Clan Chronicles Take 2: The Process Hosted by Helen Lowe


7. I wish my Younger Self had taken up:

a. jogging b. swimming c. a motorcycle d. skydiving

A Conversation with My Younger Self at SFFWorld


8.To create the Tikitik, I combined these real life creatures::

a. railway worms and mole rats b. chameleons, Aye-Ayes, and star-nosed moles c. Aye-Ayes and mole rats d. all of the above.

At the Skiffy and Fanty Show for: Behind the Scenes of the Clan Chronicles Take 3: The Science


9. What's the ultimate way for a writer to tell if their work's any good?

a. someone else says so b. sells enough to eat c. wins an award d. the writer likes it

I visited The Supernatural Underground to answer the question: So, When's the Movie?


10. The exclusive excerpt contains which returning character?

a. Huido b. Terk c. Hom Ansel d. Tayno

At Jorie Loves a Story, to talk about The Unexpected


11. What mattered most to me in finishing the Clan Chronicles?

a. To get back to Esen's new book b. Possibilities c. Closure d. To hang up first.

Guest Post at A Fantastical Librarian: Saying Goodbye



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