Fantasy or SF?
2015 I have you covered!

Not to rush the year away, but November will be a big month for me, with a double release from DAW Books:

The mass market paperback of my fantasy,

A Play of Shadow


the hardcover/ebook release of the first title of Reunification,

This Gulf of Time and Stars


Yup, we're already pondering what sort of table bling to prepare.



Cover Reveal with Giveaway!

Go Here to visit SF Signal see the amazing cover for This Gulf of Time and Stars and read what Matt and I have to say about its development.


World Fantasy 2015, Nov 5-8th,
Saratoga Springs, NY

We're registered!! (Yes, we've double-checked Roger. Long story.)


Go to the convention site.


November - Watch here for launches!

Yum. YUM YUM!!


SFContario 6/Canvention, Nov 20-22nd, Toronto, ON

Signed up and rar'n to go. Always a fun con, and this year, it will be hosting Canvention and the Prix Aurora Awards! WHOOO!!!!


Go to the convention site.


2016 - Oh yes. Plans are afoot!

Can't wait to share!



Event Scrapbook