Oh the Books! SciFi November begins!




Every day of November, there will be a new blog post, interview, and more to celebrate science fiction!

Though I'm touring my latest fantasy, how could I miss this? Watch for interviews with me, with book giveaways (fantasy and SF), and reviews.


And enjoy all the posts you can. This should be a mind-bending month, folks! My thanks to the organizers.


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Pre-Release Launch at Perfect Books,
November 1st
258A Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON

Till now, something of a secret. After all, this means cracking those boxes 3 days before anyone else. All hush hush. Permissions were obtained. There were stealth meetings...now, it's a go!


Isn't it GREAT??!!!


Please join me between 11 am and 3 pm at Perfect Books for this first event for A Play of Shadow. Not only can you have your book sooner than almost everyone else, but yes, there Shall Be TREATS! Very special ones indeed. In fact, we're hard at work now. See you soon!


News! I'll be bringing the Aurora Award! Must share the shiny! (And there could be cookies.)


Store site (Order your personalized copy, if you can't attend this day.)


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Release Day -- At BAKKA-PHOENIX!
Nov 4th, Toronto.

I'm privileged indeed to have the Empress of Bookstores open her doors at 6:30 pm to launch A Play of Shadow on its special day!


Isn't it GRAND??!!!


There won't be TOAD cookies.

There will be Very Special TREATS!


Announcement: Second level UNLOCKED! The first 30 (could be 40, I'm watching the FB page) to buy a copy of PLAY will receive, along with their other secret treat, a limited edition, archival quality, ready-to-fram (if you like) map from the new book! WHOOO!!!!


Store site (Order your personalized copy, if you can't attend this day.)


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World Fantasy, Nov 6-9th, 2014, Washington DC

Which will be amazing!

I'm on a panel on ecology and worldbuilding, Friday at 2 pm. Otherwise, you'll find me at the SFWA table Saturday (and I believe also Sunday) mornings, as well as at the mass autographing. (In the halls, at the parties, oogling the famous...say hi!)

Rumour has it there could be copies of A Play of Shadow in the book bags. Show me your copy of the book and I'll give you a something special to go with it!


Go to the convention site.


INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair,
Nov 14-16th

I'm delighted to announce that I'll be a participant in this amazing and HUGE event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Just in time for A PLAY OF SHADOW!

Saturday 5-6 pm I'll be on the SFWA panel, "The Future Ain't What it Used to Be: Despite the amazing technological advances of the last fifty years, our world looks very different from the future predicted by science fiction. This panel asks the question of what role SF writers play in predicting and preparing us for the future."

See you there!

Chapters Waterloo, Nov 29th, 1-3 pm

I'll be here, with treats and the Aurora! Hope to see old friends and new. After all, Roger and I are both UW grads!


Spread the word!


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Chapters Ancaster, Nov 30th, 1-3 pm

And the November tour for A Play of Shadow shall end at this very fine store (where I believe there are already posters up!) The atmosphere will be a party and yes, there will still be Very Special Treats! (I've planned ahead, I have.) Plus, the Aurora!!!


Isn't it FUN??!!!


Not a bad weekend for Xmas shopping...winkwink...even for yourself!


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December 13th open house at Swanmore Hall, Leacock Museum, Orillia!

Check back for details. Marrowdell will be on display!


After this, 2014 is a wrap...Looking ahead?



GOH Chattacon 40, Feb 2015, Chattanoga TN,

Excited to make my first visit to Tennessee! I believe I'll be running a workshop on creating aliens--and who doesn't like doing that?. More details to come. The amazing Kathleen Goonan will be there too! (Check out all the amazing guests!)


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GOH OASIS 27, May 1-3, 2015, Orlando Florida

See you there!


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Julie Czerneda


I'll be doing this workshop at Chattacon 40. It's free with registration. Sign up at the door.


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