Fantasy or SF?
2015 I have you covered!

Not to rush the year away, but November will be a big month for me, with a double release from DAW Books:

The mass market paperback of my fantasy,

A Play of Shadow


the hardcover release of the first title of Reunification,

This Gulf of Time and Stars


Yup, we're already pondering what sort of table bling to prepare.



Ad Astra, April 10-12th,2015, Toronto, ON

I was a bit on the fence, since early spring is deadline time, until my dear friend Anne Bishop told me she was GOH.

Well, then.

I'm coming!! Either mumbling with distraction or grinning like a happy fool, but there for as much, hopefully all, as I can.

Because ... ANNE! Newsgroup friends, there will be a party.


Note: There WILL be a COVER REVEAL!


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GOH OASIS 27, May 1-3, 2015, Orlando Florida

See you there!


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Prose in the Park, June 6th, 11-6, Ottawa, ON

WHOOO! A brand new literary event, and it's outside and it'll be WARM! (certainly warmer than now.) I'll be participating on the SF panel and hanging around for the entire event. See you there!


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World Fantasy 2015, Nov 5-8th,
Saratoga Springs, NY

We're registered!! (Yes, we've double-checked Roger. Long story.)


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November - Watch here for launches!

Yum. YUM YUM!!


2016 - Oh yes. Plans are afoot!

Can't wait to share!



Julie Czerneda

An AWESOME convention was had by all! Thank you, Chattacon.



Event Scrapbook