2014. Books, books, and more books!

The year in which I do my best to fill your shelves, dear readers!

Out now! The paperback of A Turn of Light with the first pages from A Play of Shadow in the back.

The special edition trade omnibus Species Imperative launches September 1st, and ... drumroll...

A Play of Shadow, Book 2 of Night's Edge, this November!!!

Events galore, signings in astonishing number. Yup. The hard part of the year will be avoiding me. (You don't want to do that, do you?)


Bring on 2014!!


ChiZine Writer's Workshop,
April 27th, 2014, Toronto

Phenomenal Cosmic Power! . . . Itty-Bitty living Space."
A Workshop on Story and Its Best Friend, Setting.


Readers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror relish the fascinating and often unique worlds created by authors. The best of these have one thing in common: the setting matters to the story being told. How do you establish that relationship? How do you know what to describe (and how) and what to leave to the reader's imagination? Join me and build strange new worlds (and possibly familiar ones!), while developing your story. It'll be fun and you may just walk away with phenomenal cosmic power! (Living space, I can't help you with. . . .)

Workshop includes snacks/drinks, and a copy of A Turn of Light.



Sign up here!


World Fantasy, Nov 6-9th, 2014, Washington DC

Registered and rar'n to go. Keep all digits crossed, folks. Could you imagine my glee to actually launch A PLAY OF SHADOW at World Fantasy? (Be still my beating heart.)


Go to the convention site.


GOH Chattacon 40, Feb 2015, Chattanoga TN,

Looking forward to my first visit to Tennessee!





Julie Czerneda


Julie Czerneda


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