Gossamer Mage

Standalone Fantasy Novel

Winner of the 2020 Prix Aurora Award for Best Novel!
Watch the Ceremony Here.

Trade paperback edition coming September 29th 2020

"Every so often, a book comes along that is pure magic. THE GOSSAMER MAGE is such a book. Julie Czerneda's spellbinding take on magic-with-a-price is enthralling and exhilarating -- a joy to read! I absolutely loved it!" -- Sarah Beth Durst, award-winning author of The Queens of Renthia series"


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Book Two of the Web Shifter's Library

In Stores Now from DAW Books; Main Selection SFBC

Esen finds herself in a new predicament. Chimeras, a blend of two different species, have come to the Library for help. She can be one or the other, but both? To make matters worse, the Kraal are making a move against Botharis itself. Secrets abound, and behind it all? Something evil lurks in space...and it's coming closer.


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Book Three of the Web Shifter's Library



Here's your peek at Esen's next adventure,

Coming April 2021 from DAW Books

Cover by Adam Auerbach


The evil in space has arrived.

To defeat it will mean sacrifice.


A Story of Night's Edge...

Travel to Vorkoun in this special enovella.


Lila Westietas brings her young sons, Semyn and Werfol, safely home to Vorkoun and their father. But safety is an illusion. Enemies are stirring. And Werfol may have brought something of the Verge with him, shaped like a dragon...


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Book One of the Web Shifter's Library

Esen's Back!

The wait's over. Paul and Esen have built their "All Species' Library of Linguistics and Culture" and everyone's come with problems to be solved. What could possibly go wrong?


"Search Image is the guaranteed most delightful and fun SF read of the year." —Marie Bilodeau, author of the Aurora-nominated Destiny series


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A Web Shifter Novella

Introducing the All Species' Library of Linguistics and Culture

And Evan Gooseberry. A diplomat-in-training with a good heart and a big problem. He's afraid of aliens. Pretty much all of them. He'll need the help of a certain Dear Little Blob if he's going to save the day.

Which will be fine, as long as he never learns what Esen really is.


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Esen's Original Series

Now available in gorgeous trade paperback, ebook, & audiobook.



The Clan Chronicles

The Concluding Trilogy, Reunification, now in stores


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Julie Czerneda

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