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Species Imperative

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Species Imperative
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A Play of Shadow

Night`s Edge: Book Two

The writing of each book is a unique experience. Some require more courage than others. Some are like a vacation. Play? Has been a joy.


Why? Because, perhaps like you, I wanted more time in Marrowdell. More dragon and toad. More pie and Aunt Sybb.


I also have such vast amount of story ahead for Jenn and Bannan, and friends, that I couldn't wait to get typing this one. For now we've a series, folks, with three more books to come. Night's Edge.


But first, my invitation to you. Come back to Marrowdell. You'll find the lights on and fire in the hearths.


And, oh yes, magic.

Julie Czerneda


What's new? My next novel, This Gulf of Time and Stars is back on my desk for a very light revision. Once done, it's back to DAW.
Meanwhile? Stay tuned for the COVER REVEAL!