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Species Imperative
Species Imperative

Species Imperative
A Play of Shadow

Julie Czerneda

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This Gulf of Time and Stars

November 3rd, 2015...

Sira's Back!


My first novel, A Thousand Words for Stranger, introduced you to Sira di Sarc, the most powerful individual ever born to the secretive Clan.

Meet Sira again in the stunning finale trilogy to her story and that of the Clan: Reunification.

Buckle up.

Cover art by Matt Stawicki
Available from DAW Books in hardcover and ebook Audiobook from * A SFBC Selection Preorder yours today!

Julie Czerneda


Hi! What's new? This Gulf of Time and Stars has gone to DAW, ready for production, as have my comments on galleys for A Play of Shadow mass market edition.
Yup, time to start the next book!